Selling a home today requires sellers to highlight the features of their property both inside and outside.

In the current economy a home that is not professionally staged will languish on the real estate listings.  Our goal is to keep money in your pockets by helping you sell your home profitably.  Our next goal is to keep the process of home staging simple, especially when selling a home is already overwhelming and time consuming.

Our services are straightforward, our process is simple, and our approach takes into consideration each home seller’s situation and personal resources.



We focus on helping you:

  • Get organized so you feel less overwhelmed and in control
  • Identify the features of your home to help it appeal to your target market
  • Identify the flaws of your home in order to counteract them
  • Create a prioritized to-do list so you are focused, energetic and optimistic
  • Develop a plan of action
  • Utilize personal belongings to stage the home to keep costs minimal
  • Feel inspired as you see your home transformed into a property buyers want to see



Disorganization can be overwhelming.  Where do I start?

Transforming your home into a peaceful setting is a process that needs to be tailored to your needs.

Identifying the underlying cause of the disorganization is an individualized experience that I take pride in without condemning the behavior.  Rather using it for change and transformation so that all areas of your life are enhanced.

We undergo this process while maintaining privacy for you as it can be a very personal experience.  And walk you thru to a peaceful and fulfilling space you will take pride in.